Why Work at Fortego?

The Best Work: Simply put, we are proud to serve on some of the exciting contracts in the mission space. It’s challenging work that requires a specialized skill set, as seen by our Services, and a hunger to stay on the cutting edge, but if you’re anything like our team, there’s nowhere else you’d want to be.

The Best Training: All team members are given the freedom and the budget to grow their capabilities. Whether through mentoring at Fortego U,  traveling to the world’s top cyber conferences, getting equipped with the hottest tech or initiating your own R&D projects in our lab, you’re the driver of your career.

The Best Family: There’s an indescribable unity that binds us together as a team. From lunches at work to tech events in our lounge, happy hours at breweries, volunteering in the community, and holiday parties and traditions all year long, nothing beats the feeling of the Fortego Family. Check us out by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Cody

It’s been a rewarding experience from the very start as a Fortego employee to growing my career and skills over the years. I hope I’ve made a positive impact on others throughout this journey.

Meet Dan

It’s nice to know that Fortego has my back. Anytime I’ve needed support, they’ve been there for me 100 percent. The family feel is something I can’t put a price tag on.

Meet Jeremy

The work we do at Fortego may go unknown to most but it influences political and military decisions in real-time, real-world affairs on a daily basis. It makes doing the work an easy choice.

Meet Jess

I used the benefits of the Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for my laser eye surgery in full. I can see how great Fortego’s health benefits are, with or without 20/20 vision!

Meet Tracy

Fortego’s annual Training & Tech Budget gives me a chance to do two things I love: travel and learn. I’ve experienced cultures all over the world while developing my technical knowledge.

Meet Ron

I’ve enjoyed getting involved in the community with team members who are really great people and Fortego makes it easy to help our local veterans and families in need. 

Benefits for our Team

Training & Technology Budget

Training & Tech Budget

If you have a vision for your career, we’ll back you with the money, professional support and autonomy you desire to grow your skills and get ahead.

Health, Dental & Vision Insurance


Our health, dental and vision package is the premium offering from one of, if not the nation’s best healthcare providers CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield.

Company-Funded HSA


For additional coverage, we set you up with a nice account that’s funded by the company and can be put toward a range of treatments and elective services.



We invest in your retirement right from the start with an immediately paid and vested 401k contribution and work with you to maximize its growth over the long-term.

Life & Disability Insurance

Life & Disability Insurance

Rest assured that you can rely on us and we’ll help you be fully prepared for any scenario you weren’t ready for with company-paid policies.

Paid Time Off (PTO)


When you work hard, you should play hard, and we love seeing our team members use their 6 weeks vacation time, however and whenever they want.

Credit Time

Credit Time

When you work extra, you should play extra, and that’s why we open this avenue for team members to bank their hours to their advantage.

Special Leave

Special Leave

Things happen and we work with you to accommodate life’s unexpected situations like inclement weather, family losses and public duties with additional PTO.

Parental Leave

Parental Leave

Family always comes first and we’re always excited to provide not only 3 weeks of leave for primary caregivers but 40 hours for supporting caregivers as well.

Adoption Assistance

Adoption Assistance

Growing your family is an occasion of joy and we’ll be there to give adoptive parents the support and equity they deserve to enjoy.

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

So many of our team members have come through the excellent referrals of other team members, and we show our appreciation with a five-figure check.

Perks and More


Be in the form of events & parties, beer & food, awards & swag, Baltimore Ravens tickets & gym access, etc., we keep the perks going all year long in the Fortego Family.

Leading the Transformation of Modern Warfare.
Leading the Transformation of Modern Warfare.