IP Camera Analysis

November 3, 2016

What could be more fun than choosing a popular IP camera from Amazon and researching it to understand the state of commercial IoT?

After attending an IoT Security Summit we decided it would be both fun and enlightening to research the state of IoT security by choosing a handful of popular devices and deploying or CNO skills. This project focused on analyzing a popular IP camera with great reviews on Amazon. We wanted to choose something we knew had wide usage as well as something many customers can relate to. Whether it is a home security system or an internet connected baby monitor, IP cameras are flying off shelves more rapidly than ever!

We analyzed the IP camera using simple as well as sophisticated techniques and focused on hardware, software, and network analysis. The conclusions of our research were actually quite stunning. We documented everything we were able to accomplish through a series of blog posts and we are looking forward to our next IoT research project!