Echo Research

November 3, 2016

The Echo by Amazon was one of the hot new gadgets the last couple of years. So…we wanted to know how it worked!

The Amazon Echo is an amazing little piece of hardware. It connects to the cloud and processes voice commands that can do everything from play music to tell you what is on your calendar. In addition to some really cool built in features, Amazon created an open source SDK for the Echo so anybody can write and host a skill using AWS Lambda. This allows endless possibilities for awesomeness, so naturally we wanted to check out what else the Echo could do.

We purchased an Echo and analyzed its hardware, software, and network capabilities and attempted to learn more about how Alexa works in the cloud. We understand how the Echo communicates, how it updates, and how it processes your voice. To learn some details about what we discovered, check out our blog posts outlining everything we learned about the Echo.