November 3, 2016

A fun and engaging game of hex to binary conversions we created initially to entice people to visit our conference booth.

A couple of years ago leading up to Shmoocon we decided we wanted to do something unique and engaging at our booth. After discussing some options we loved the idea of having some sort of game or competition at our booth. We wanted to keep the game simple enough you could just walk up and play but challenging enough to entertain. Based on that premise we decided to build a game around hex to binary conversions and Battlebits was born!

We have built two versions so far (Battlebits and Battlebits2) and both are built from the same aforementioned concept (hex to binary conversions). However, the gameplay and the underlying functionality are totally different. Here is a brief outline of both and for more details and information check out the Battlebits blog posts!


Battlebits can be played by either one player or two players. Players must convert the hex bytes to binary under a given time limit in order to complete the round. Whichever player completes the round the fastest wins! If neither player completes the total number of bytes in the given amount of time, the game ends and the winner is the player who completed the most byte conversions. For technical details and gameplay screenshots, check out our Battlebits blog post!


Battlebits2 is a significant enhancement over the original Battlebits and a complete change of gameplay. The new version is played on an arcade box and is a head to head matchup of two players. The players compete in a pong style game bouncing bytes back and forth by entering the correct binary conversion for each byte in order to defend their respective stacks. If a player does not enter the conversion correctly in time, the byte will smash their stack. Once a player’s stack is completely smashed, the opponent will win the game! Check out the Battlebits2 blog post to learn more about how we built the game and get instructions for how to build your own!