Fortego Labs was started to feed our desires to be researchers, makers, innovators, learners, and teachers.We strive to be innovative, bring creative ideas to life, and answer questions to problems and challenges we observe in our other areas of work. Our focus is primarily in CNO and IoT research, development, and analysis. In short, we do cool stuff and have fun while doing it. Check out some of our projects below!


Fortegoville is an IoT honeypot and research network that represents the best duplication possible of IoT solutions that would be found in any town. Everything from cars, t...

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A couple of years ago leading up to Shmoocon we decided we wanted to do something unique and engaging at our booth. After discussing some options we loved the idea of havin...

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Echo Research

The Amazon Echo is an amazing little piece of hardware. It connects to the cloud and processes voice commands that can do everything from play music to tell you what is on ...

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IP Camera Analysis

After attending an IoT Security Summit we decided it would be both fun and enlightening to research the state of IoT security by choosing a handful of popular devices and d...

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