Fortego U

Welcome to Fortego U. We believe that to excel, we must never lose our sense of curiosity. Fortego U is where you can access information, instructionals, interesting reads and entertainment related to tech. We also host some really cool Events. You may notice that this team member generated content is organized into three Schools, each with its own set of “majors”, or topics of interest. Read about each of our Schools below to learn and have fun the Fortego way. Stay happy, humble and hungry.

School of Tech

Enhance your capabilities to improve your skill set, solve highly complex problems and better impact your mission.

Tech Talk on Process Injection Techniques

F-Con Lightning Talk: Living Off the Land with Native Binaries

F-Con Lightning Talk: Getting Spooky with Apollo

F-Con Lightning Talk: JTAG Enum Power-Analysis Hunt

F-Con Lightning Talk: Web Application Pentesting Chaining Vulnerabilities

Tech Talk on LLVM: Synthesizing Pseudoephedrine from Meth

Tech Talk on the Math Behind Encryption Schemes

F-Con Lightning Talk: Implementing an ISA in Ghidra

F-Con Lightning Talk: Golang Binary RE

F-Con Lightning Talk: Cell Carrier Network Behavioral RE

Malware Reversing Challenge #2: Completing the Challenge

Video Tutorial on Writing an LLVM Optimization

Malware Reversing Challenge #1: Part 2 Completing the Challenge

Malware Reversing Challenge #1: Part 1 Creating the Challenge

Tech Talk Recap on OSCP & Hack The Box

Vulnerability Assessment on Simple IP Camera: Software Edition

Tech Talk Recap on Practical Version Tracking with Ghidra

Tech Talk Recap on Using AFL to Fuzz Programs

Tech Talk Recap on Process Injection Techniques

Exploit Night on Amazon Dash

CTF at ShmooCon 2017


Vulnerability Assessment on Simple IP Camera: Hardware Edition

Vulnerability Assessment on Alexa

Vulnerability Assessment on Echo

School of Training

Check out our resources for learning, and the unique Fortego perspective on the best conferences, tech and programs.

Q&A Review on Offensive Security’s AWAE Course

Video Review on Offensive Security’s AWAE Course

Review on Tib3rius’s Udemy Courses for Windows and Linux Privilege Escalation

Recap on 2020 Virtual LLVM Developers’ Meeting

CNO Journey: From Network Analyst to Reverse Engineer

4 Ways to Get into CNO Development

Q&A Video Recap on Sektor 7’s Malware Development Essentials Course

Q&A Video Recap on REcon Montreal 2019

In-Depth Video Recap on REcon Montreal 2019

Training Recap on IoT Security Conference 2017

Training Recap on ShmooCon 2017

School of Thrills

Engage with the Fortego Family’s culture by exploring our events and materials on all sorts of interesting subjects.

Kitchen Hackers Crock-Pot Mac & Cheese

Guide to Home Projects with Pis, Arduinos and ATtiny

Guide to Wiring a House with Ethernet

Event Recap on Foctoberfest 2019

Tech Tangent Recap on Rendering & Modeling with Blender 3D

Event Recap on Foctoberfest Beer Brewing Competition 2016