Tech Talk on DIY Light Shows

What would it take for a techie — or really anyone who’s handy with appliances and/or curious about electrical engineering — to build their own light show synced to their favorite music? Not much. Just a couple hundred LEDs, a raspberry pi and a dynamite playlist! The rest can be learned at Fortego U’s virtual Tech Talk on DIY Light Shows hosted by Ryan Green. This event is an open opportunity for anyone, no matter your experience or skill level, to come out and have fun learning about tech and enjoy watching a few on-screen light show demos. It’s virtual, it’s free and it’s BYOB. Here’s the details.

When: Thursday, January 28 at 5:00 pm EST
Where: Online at Fortego U via GoToMeeting
Web Link:
Dial-In: +1 786-535-3211
Access Code: 860-366-901

Mobile Note: You may have to download GoToMeeting’s app to join. It’s easy but we suggest doing so before the event here.

About the Host: Ryan Green is a CNO engineer and program lead at Fortego whose credits include designing, programming and DJ’ing the dazzling “F-Lights” show that played in Fortego’s lounge throughout the 2020 holiday season. During his time at Fortego, he also hosted the Tech Talk on Rendering & Modeling with Blender 3D, and played a key role on the team that developed the F-Bot and F-Bombs games that showcased at ShmooCon 2019 and 2020.

CNO Skills Covered: Electrical and software engineering.

Who Should Attend: Anyone who’s interested in starting their own light show project or who simply enjoys watching them and wants to find out more.

40-minute presentation
Q&A and open discussion

BYOBeverage: Come prepared for the Fortego Family-style happy hour spirit!

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Jan 28 2021


5:00 pm