Why Work at Fortego?

Our philosophy is that we hire people for careers NOT positions. Typically companies hire people by taking a resume and matching the resume with a job requisite with the company. We take a more organic approach and we look for great additions to our team and personalities that meld with the current staff and people that we know can be successful growing their career in the years ahead.

A lot of the work we do is very unique, so when we look for people to join our team we usually aren’t looking for people that are already doing the jobs. Instead we are looking for people from diverse backgrounds that also have the 3 H’s (they are Hungry, they are Humble, they are Happy).

We are honored to have been named a Top Workplace in Baltimore for the following years: 2018, 2017, 2016.


Join Our Team


FREE Health, Dental & Vision Insurance
Take care of yourself (and family) with CareFirst’s premium offering and NO deduction (that’s right, NO deduction!) from your paycheck. If special circumstances surround your needs, don’t worry we have a plan for you.
Company Funded HSA
Maximize your health plan and take advantage of the company-funded health savings account option provided to each employee that covers the full deductible.
Let us help prepare for the lifestyle you deserve after retirement with an immediately paid and immediately vested, substantial 401k contribution.
Paid Time Off
Enjoy 6 weeks off, in addition to credit time where working extra today means more time off tomorrow.
Maternity & Paternity Leave, CodeX, etc.
Rely on additional PTO time for unexpected events, such as inclement weather, new family additions, as well as family losses, and your public service duties.
Life & Disability Insurance
Feel confident that you and your family are prepared for any scenario with company-paid life and disability insurance.
Training & Technology Budget
Invest in YOU by sitting down with your team lead regularly to plan out what conferences, degrees, certifications and classes you want to take to achieve the career you want.
IRAD Program  
Take advantage of the multitude of resources at your disposal in our Fortego Labs where employees are encouraged to innovate, initiate research and development, and generally play.
Events, Events, Events    
Join in on team breakfasts and lunches delivered onsite at work, happy hours in our office lounge and local bars and breweries, family maker nights and holiday parties, tech talks, game nights and more.
Enjoy referral bonuses and quarterly awards, annual certificates to premium retailers for company garb, plus Ogio backpacks and a plethora of swag, Ravens tickets, and other fun giveaways.
Get involved with volunteering at the local organizations Fortego partners with, as well as with fundraisers we sponsor, charity golf tournaments, kids’ leagues, and various causes important to our team members.