Why Work at Fortego?

Our philosophy is that we hire people for careers NOT positions. Typically companies hire people by taking a resume and matching the resume with a job requisite with the company. We take a more organic approach and we look for great additions to our team and personalities that meld with the current staff and people that we know can be successful growing their career in the years ahead.

A lot of the work we do is very unique, so when we look for people to join our team we usually aren’t looking for people that are already doing the jobs. Instead we are looking for people from diverse backgrounds that also have the 3 H’s (they are Hungry, they are Humble, they are Happy)

We are honored to have been named a Top Workplace in Baltimore for the past 2 years:

2017 #1 Small business – special honor for Appreciation
2016 #2 Small business – special honor for New Ideas


Join Our Team

Technical Focus

We create an environment that rewards technical excellence. Each employee’s primary goal while employed at Fortego should be to become a technical expert in work that they enjoy doing, and we help everyone work towards that goal.

Exciting and Impactful Work

We support clients whose missions include some of the nation’s most important and exciting cyber security challenges. Each employee’s expertise is used on a daily basis to help solve those challenges.

Work-Life Balance

We believe strongly in the motto of “work to live” instead of the other way around. Most of our employees are very family-oriented and we support and encourage all employees to maintain a healthy balance between work and home life.

Our Team

We treat all of the Fortego team like family and we go to great lengths to make sure that everyone enjoys working with and for each other. We believe that we are in business to provide a fun and enthusiastic environment for our employees to work and each employee should reap the rewards of the company’s success.

Total Compensation

In support of our goal to treat the entire Fortego team like family, we offer a comprehensive benefits package that provides work-life balance, rewards for high achievment, and opportunities to share in the success of the company. Below is a summary of the benefits Fortego offers to all eligible employees.