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Training Recap on ShmooCon 2017

January 19, 2017
Global Trainings & Conferences

ShmooCon has been a fun and interesting local conference we have attended since 2014. This year’s edition was themed as ‘games’ so we decided to bring back Battlebits for a second consecutive year! Check out our Battlebits2 blog post for more information on how to play the new version!

The exhibition hall was busy this year as attendees and sponsors brought a lot of energy. We had a lot of fun meeting new people at our booth where we featured Battlebits2, a display on our IP Camera research as well as a custom VPN box. We also attended several talks and per usual some were amazing.

One of the best talks we attended was about a wave converter tool for SDR projects. The tool makes it easier to determine preambles and save protocols to a library. The creator wanted to accumulate and share RF protocols so we as a community can collaboratively make RF reverse engineering easier. Another great talk, Flailing is Learning, featured discussions about a first year malware analyst and all the lessons learned. Hearing about the first autonomous CTF and DARPA’s Grand Challenge was also pretty entertaining.

In addition to the exhibition booth and the talks we attended, we also had several Fortegoers participate in the CTF challenges! You can read more about their success on the ShmooCon CTF Blog Post!

Overall, ShmooCon 2017 was great fun and a great success!