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Tech Tangent Blender 3D

Tech Tangent Recap on Rendering & Modeling with Blender 3D

September 12, 2019
Fun Tech

Last month, we rolled Fortego Labs into the lounge for Ryan Green’s Tech Tangent on Rendering & Modeling with Blender 3D. Powered up with two rows of workstations, attendees enjoyed a hands-on tutorial on how to use one of the most popular (and totally free) creation suites available today. Weren’t able to make it? No sweat. Jump on the Blender bandwagon by reading our quick Q&A with Ryan below, and check out his presentation deck here.


Q: What is Blender and where can I get it?
A: Blender is a free, versatile program that can make 3D models, 2D animations, sculpting, VFX, video editing and more. You can download it for free at

Q: What are some key tips for first-time users to keep in mind?
A: Learning Blender is like learning a programming language – it will seem daunting at first, but once you know the basic syntax, it’s very easy to develop upon your foundations. Starting with simple viewport navigation and basic mesh editing is the perfect entry point for any beginner.

Q: What about all those shortcuts?
A: Here, memorize this infographic (haha, j/k!). Just remember, it’s important to learn the most basic hotkeys to fully utilize the program AND equally important to only learn the hotkeys you will actually use. I’ve listed a few of my favorites in the presentation deck here (see slide 15).

Q: Any other helpful resources you’d recommend?
A: Reading the official Blender documentation is a great way to learn the intricacies of various Blender components. Better yet is learning by example, and there are some excellent tutorials on YouTube to follow. I like this guy’s stuff: Ducky 3D’s YouTube Channel.