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The Spirit of Maker Thursdays

March 30, 2017

by Jason Ortiz. Jason is the lead for Fortego Labs and serves as the PM for all labs projects. When possible, Jason contributes to individual projects as well.

Maker Thursdays is a new initiative started by Fortego Labs for employees as well as friends and family of employees. The idea behind Maker Thursdays is once per month (yes on a Thursday) we open the lab to friends, families and employees to engage in some fun ‘hacking.’ On some Thursdays we build things but we could also reverse things, develop things or teach things during a Maker Thursday. Every month we do something new and cover various topics. We love to get our hands on new ‘toys’ and learn new technologies all the while enjoying a fun, social event. We usually have beer and pizza and a lot of great conversations!

One of the great things about Maker Thursdays is that Fortegoers are always welcome to bring kids to any one of the Thursdays. We have activities for the kids to participate as well as the ‘grown up’ project, including everything from hands on science experiments, to games on RetroPie, to building something fun using Snap Circuits!

We will post summaries, conclusions, information and more concerning all Maker Thursday events on this blog. The Maker Thursdays blog posts will cover some technical details but will be more focused on the tldr version of what we did and the lessons we learned. Check out all our blog posts related to Maker Thursdays!