Event Recap On Foctoberfest Beer Brewing Competition 2016 - Fortego | Fortego Event Recap on Foctoberfest Beer Brewing Competition 2016 - Fortego

Event Recap on Foctoberfest Beer Brewing Competition 2016

November 1, 2016
Science & Home Ec

It might be obvious that we like science at Fortego Labs but just in case you hadn’t figured that out yet….we take it very seriously. Bring up the simple question “how is it made?” and inevitably a debate on the ins and outs of whatever piece of technology or idea is being discussed will ensue. At Fortego, these debates and discussion tend to take place over a beer. One fine day, a conversation about what you can do with a Rasberry Pi (beer in hand) led to ideas on improving the science of brewing. This started a very healthy, if not heated, conversation (debate?) on who can make the best beer!



That is the story of how Foctoberfest came to be! We established our first Foctoberfest in 2016 as an internal competition of home brewers, comprised of everyone from seasoned brewers to a first timer. All beers had creative names, including one that was named “Most Likely Beer” by a rookie brewer. It was fun. It was heated. It was a competition! At the end a victor was called and, not surprisingly, it was one of the seasoned brewers (I did say it was a science) Prizes were given to the competitors, their beer was enjoyed by everyone, BBQ was made to feed the masses, games were set for the kids to play, the non-technical spouses joined together to finally have a conversation in English, a boat load of fun was had, and a new Fortego tradition was born.