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4 Ways to Get into CNO Development

May 5, 2020
Online Programs

Tracy Mosley is a reverse engineer and CNO developer at Fortego. She also serves as the company’s Training Coordinator where she attends and reviews top tech conferences across the globe throughout the year.

A lot of people have mixed perceptions about the term “hacking.” This isn’t the 90s anymore, so while some people still think of the black-gloves and tinkering image, nowadays more people imagine data breaches, ruined credit and stolen identities. Universities may offer a security focus or courses, but for the most part, folks leaving degree programs only have core CS/CE/IT knowledge. This list should help people go from general developer to Security focused. The resources below apply to the general Hacking/Exploitation realm.

1. Video Games

As anyone with kids knows, learning is easiest when it’s fun.




2. Books

Look, I know. Books are not the easiest way to learn, but these are really well respected. They will definitely help you make the leap from general knowledge to security specific. Even if you don’t read every word in the beginning, these are fantastic reference books.




I was about to post A Bug Hunters Diary when I realized that No Starch Press has a Security section which pretty well captures this list. Check it out, or just go with the above as the standards.



3. Trainings

In person training takes the cake and there is no true substitute for being able to ask questions irl. Many conferences (REcon, OffensiveCon, Infiltrate, Blackhat, etc.) have training as well as the conference and those are extremely valuable resources. There’s so many great in-person trainings, but for now, here’s one set of in-person trainings and some other resources for online options. The online offerings are certainly worthwhile and don’t require the same financial commitment. Now is a great time to look into these resources.





4. Online Resources

Several helpful picks didn’t fit neatly into the above categories. To get some ideas on what specific topics exist in the CNO/CNE/Hacking world, check these out.





By no means a definitive list, think of the resources in this post as references and starting points to explore more of the security world. There are so many excellent ways to learn about exploit development and hacking. The barrier of entry for these is relatively low, meaning you can explore these in your spare time and/or on your own dime. Happy hacking!

Of course, experience is the best and most practical way to move forward in a CNO Development career. Fortego offers plenty of opportunities in Computer Network Operations from CNE to CND, from analysis to development. If you are interested in our careers, please visit our Careers page to apply.