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Amazon Dash on Maker Thursday

Jason Ortiz is the lead for Fortego Labs and was very curious as to what else can these Dash buttons do other than order a product?

In our most recent edition of Maker Thursday, we decided to see what we could learn about the new version of the Amazon Dash Button. There have been several attempts to reverse engineer the Dash in both 201...

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The Spirit of Maker Thursdays

by Jason Ortiz. Jason is the lead for Fortego Labs and serves as the PM for all labs projects. When possible, Jason contributes to individual projects as well.

Maker Thursdays is a new initiative started by Fortego Labs for employees as well as friends and family of employees. The idea behind Maker Thursdays is once per month (yes on a Thursday) we open the lab to friends, families and employees to en...

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Impressions of The Current State of IoT Security

An analysis drawn from attending an IoT Security Conference.

I went to the IoT Security Conference in Boston to find out what industry thinks the state of IoT Security is today. This was the second year for this conference, which is an off shoot from the much larger IoT World conference held annually. Th...

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ShmooCon 2017 CTF

by Matt Barber, Alex Wilson, and Jonathan Smith of our newly formed and amazing CTF team.

Along with an exciting and fun time at our booth, ShmooCon 2017 provided our newly formed CTF team its first opportunity to compete in a CTF challenge. The challenge was an individual chal...

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Anatomy of a Simple IP Camera – Software Edition

Continuing post that focuses on software in our IP Camera Analysis series.

Following the initial analysis of the IP camera, we continue with the analysis of the software. After gaining access to the underlying control system of the device (removin...

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The new and improved Battlebits!

After the excitement and success of the original Battlebits, we decided to take it to the next level for Shmoocon 2017! We went all out and built a new, more challenging arcade version of ...

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ShmooCon 2017

ShmooCon has been a fun and interesting local conference we have attended since 2014. This year’s edition was themed as ‘games’ so we decided to bring back Battlebits for a second consecutive year! Check out our Battlebits2 blog post for more information on how to play the new version!

The exhibition hall was busy this year as attendees and sponsors brought a lot of energy. We had a lot of fun meeting new people at our booth where we featured Battlebits2, a display on our IP Camera research as well as a custom VPN box. We also attended several talks and per usual some were amazing.

One of the best talks we attended was about a wave converter tool for SDR projects. The...

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Anatomy of a Simple IP Camera

Introductory post in our IP Camera Analysis series.

With our devotion and interest in the development of the Internet of Things, and our identity as a cyber security company, we decided to use some time at the lab to delve into the state of IoT security on a typical device. We attended an IoT Se...

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Alexa, My Friend

A continuation of Echo?  and part of the Echo Research Project by Tracy Haupt.

I had explored a majority of what the Echo, my new buddy, could do as built-in functionality. Now was the time to think and explore. So what did my friend Alexa look like? To be honest, she looks slick, but fairly plain.

The top had an L...

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An introduction to our research of the Amazon Echo by Tracy Haupt.

Once upon a time, a nearly-graduated student went a-hunting for interesting work. She was stumbling around in the dark for what seemed like weeks. Then, suddenly, she stumbled upon a black box! “Behold!” she said quizzically. “I have no idea wh...

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